Show features

The Street

Geared towards children 10 and under, all attendees will enter the fully decorated, spooky fun street. Kids are able to go from house to house to trick-or-treat for candy and goodies. Each setting is different from the last and you may even stumble into a graveyard while there!


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There are so many fun rides little ones can enjoy!

(Height requirements in italics.)

  • Bulgy the Whale (24" min.; 48" max.)
  • Bungee Trampoline*
  • Das Funhouse (42" to ride)
  • Dizzy Dogs (36" w/adult; 42" alone)
  • Durant Railway (32" w/adult.; 54" max.)
  • Ferris Wheel (48" to ride [Under 48" w/responsible adult.])
  • Fire Chief (48" to ride alone)
  • Flying Elephants (24" min.; 54" max.)
  • Fun Slide (48" to ride [30"-47" w/responsible adult])
  • Go Gator (36" to ride)
  • Grand Carousel (24" to ride)
  • Helicopter (36"-56" to ride alone [30"-36" w/responsible adult])
  • Kiddie Boat(24" min.; 48" max.)
  • Little Ferris Wheel (36"-48" to ride)
  • Sky Fighter (24" min.; 54" max.)


Ready to press your luck and leave with great prizes?

  • Water Races*
  • Balloon Toss*
  • Hi Striker*
  • Lucky Ducky*

*Additional fee applies.

Live Entertainment

Flower Entertainment

Fun comes alive with Flower Entertainment. Enjoy strolling circus acts, magic shows on stage and add a little twist to the day with their professional balloon artist!

Jesse Jukebox

Let’s get ready to rock! Jesse Jukebox is Northeast Ohio’s coolest musician performing his fun and interactive songs for kids. Pull up a seat to create memories and learn through the joy of his music.

Little Princess Sing-Along

The magic of music comes to life with Tricia Ramos as she performs your favorite songs during this enchanting sing-along. Sparkle, shine and make your voice heard!

Jungle Terry

A favorite with all ages, especially little ones, Jungle Terry brings his animal friends to the stage at I-X Trick or Treat Street. Getup close and personal as you learn about these amazing species!

CLICK HERE for the full schedule of events.